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SWISSBORING OVERSEAS PILING CORPORATION LTD. was incorporated in Switzerland in 1952 and established its Arabian Gulf Office, in Dubai, in 1973.

lt has since applied the specialized expertise on about 5000 soil investigation, underpinning an d grouting projects an d aver 1300 piling/shoring projects in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Sultanate of Oman. Swissboring Gulf has extended its activity also to East Africa.

Just recently, SWISSBORING became one of the TREVI Group companies and does beneflt from additional expertise and performance of this worldwide soil engineering operating growing Group.

In keeping with the decentralized nature of the Group operating companies, Swissboring Gulf has tailored and will still tailor its services to the requirements of the local market. lts activities are therefore concentrated within the following spheres:

  • Piling
  • Secant Piles, Retaining Walls
  • Diaphragm Walls
  • Shoring works by "H" Beams
  • Geotechnical - Soil investigations
  • Natural Resource Surveys
  • Consolidation Grouting
  • Rock and Ground Anchors
  • Under-pinning
  • Tubewells
  • Micropiles


Swissboring Gulf incorporates a work-force of about 500 employees such as Managers, Engineering and Administration staff, technicians, rig-operators, drillers, grout-boremasters, mechanics, electricians, welders, store-keepers and others.

lt is indicative of the stability and dedication of the Swissboring workforce, that inspite of the increase of the size of the Company, the Senior Supervisory Staff members still have, on average, 15 years of service with the company.

Many of the locally employed staff, worked for Swissboring in other parts of the world before coming to the Gulf in 1972. lt is their cumulative wealth of experience that is our principal asset as a company and which, indirectly, serves the interests of our clients.