Soil Investigation

Swissboring is well equipped and experienced in drilling through any formation irrespective of the fact, how complex the geology is. The rigs are compact enough to access through a standard doorway with their tracks retracted, and can be brought to site with all related equipment on a trailer greatly reducing mobilization time and certainly, the cost.

Swissboring is also well versed in executing all conventional in-situ testing in the boreholes, including all sorts of undisturbed sampling including coring that can be carried out in runs of up to 3.0m. The rigs are supported with suitable pumps that can handle a variety of flush mediums, including water, polymer / bentonite muds and even bentonite / cement grout. Roto-percussion works can also be carried out using an air compressor with Top Hammer and Down The-Hole Hammer Systems.

Swissboring has also made it available different wire line equipment, which enhances its capacity to drill deep boreholes in very hard formation. In this instance, it is worthwhile to mention that we have completed boreholes of 300 m deep using HQ wire line system.

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