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Swissboring Gulf has tailored and will still tailor its services to the requirements of the local market.

SWISSBORING OVERSEAS PILING CORPORATION LTD. was incorporated in Switzerland in 1952 and established its Arabian Gulf Office, in Dubai, in 1973. lt has since applied the specialized expertise on about 5000 soil investigation, underpinning and grouting projects and over 1300 piling/shoring projects in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Sultanate of Oman. Swissboring Gulf has extended its activity also to East Africa.

SWISSBORING became one of the TREVI Group companies in 1999 and does beneflt from additional expertise and performance of this worldwide soil engineering operating growing Group.


In keeping with the decentralized nature of the Group operating companies, Swissboring Gulf has tailored and will still tailor its services to the requirements of the local market. lts activities are therefore concentrated within the following spheres:

Secant Piles, Retaining Walls
Diaphragm Walls
Shoring works by "H" Beams
Geotechnical - Soil investigations
Natural Resource Surveys
Consolidation Grouting
Rock and Ground Anchors


Swissboring Gulf incorporates a work-force of about 500 employees such as Managers, Engineering and Administration staff, technicians, rig-operators, drillers, grout-boremasters, mechanics, electricians, welders, store-keepers and others.


Swissboring maintains a fully equipped workshop in Dubai which is capable of machining many of the items used on our sites. A staff of mechanics, electricians and welders are constantly on call and have been responsible for reducing downtime on sites signifìcandy.

Aflìliated to the workshop is a large store facility. which distributes and controls supplies to all operational sites in the region.

The technical department located in our Dubai office is capable of handllng any aspect of Foundation and Geotechnical design works.

Many of the piling/shoring works that we have undertaken are based on Swissborlng designs, which have eventuated in considerable savings in time and materials to our clients.

Off-shore projects have been successfully carried out in association with reputed partners speialized In maritime services.

Our membership with TREVI Group allows us direct access to the expertise and skilled manpower resources of a highly specialized, multinational, contracting organization.

SWISSBORING does also benefit from the assistance and expertise of the sister company Soilmec, member of TREVI Group, and manufacturer of specialized machinery and equipment for soil engineering foundation, water well and soil research drilling. There is therefore no undertaking within our scope of activities that we cannot successfully accomplish.



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Al Quoz Industrial Area First, P.O.Box 3905 - Dubai – U.A.E.
Our group

Trevi Group is a worldwide leader in the field of soil engineering (special foundations, tunnel excavations, soil consolidation and the building and marketing of special rigs and equipment relevant to this engineering sector). The Group is also active in the drilling sector (oil, gas and water), both in plant production and the supply of services. In addition, the Group also builds automated underground car parks.

The Group was established in 1957 and today has more than 40 branches in more than 80 countries.

It's success is due to the vertical integration of the main divisions making up the Group.

TREVI operates in the execution of specialised works in the field of underground engineering, always obtaining excellent results, and it supplies services with high added value and with high profitability margins.
SOILMEC manufactures plants and rigs that are used for foundation engineering. Its products are the result of a forty-years experience, and are tested under the most difficult conditions in the works the Group carries out all over the world through the TREVI Division.
DRILLMEC manufactures mechanical and innovative systems, hydraulic rigs for oil, geothermal and water drilling, as well as their relevant accessories; it also supplies specialised services, characterised by a high added value, in the maintenance of the same rigs.
PETREVEN is a drilling contractor with a solid background in drilling rig engineering & management service. It provides drilling where the use of our technology and expertise is able to create increase of drilling performance, cost reduction, high safety standards and environmental protection.

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