Swissboring is a company committed to the Health and Safety of its personnel and any other personnel who may interact with Swissboring operations. The company is aware of its responsibilities and obligations towards all employees to ensure a healthy and safe working environment.

We are committed to:

The complete Health and Safety of all personnel at all times and in all circumstances;

Safely operate and maintain all plants and equipment employed at the construction site;

Monitor, evaluate and continually improve our Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) performance through the definition of operational standards, assessments and audits;

Minimize our impact on the environmental through pollution prevention and proper waste management;

Prevent property damages or injuries to third parties due to company operations;

Continuous training and education of our personnel to provide proper skills and to ensure awareness on rights and responsibilities;

Communicate openly with all clients and interested parties and provide them with full support in the site HSE management;

Ensure preparedness and appropriate response to any emergency situation within our workplace.

The principles of this commitment are what drive Swissboring Health, Safety and Environmental management system. Swissboring, with the support of all levels of management, will continually review and improve the current internal policies, standards and procedures integrating the HSE objectives into the company management strategy as a contribution to the quality of the product delivered to our clients. All incidents, near misses and unsafe acts or conditions are preventable.

A safe, healthy and clean working environment can and must be provided at all times. Participation in the HSE management and pro-activity towards HSE initiatives is encouraged and rewarded. The communication and regular consultation with all levels of personnel is the key to reach a wide employees consensus maintaining a high level of HSE awareness at all times and proving that people are considered the essential resource for the success of our company.


Swissboring Health, Safety and Environmental Management System

Swissboring is an organization with a continually improving commitment to addressing Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) issues. The company is well aware of the highest international and local standards and their significant part in reducing workplace incidents and companies loss.

Swissboring ultimate goal is to exceed all local and international HSE requirements and ensure our internal HSE standard is strictly followed by all personnel. The HSE management system is a core part of the company’s mission and management strategy with the objective to systematically implement procedures in order to achieve a total control of our business in term of HSE and frequently carry out assessment for continuous improvement.

Swissboring HSE Department

The implementation of the HSE management system requires a strong organization of people and resources ensuring that everyone is aware of their rights, roles and responsibilities. Swissboring HSE Department comprises over 30 professionals and it is rapidly expanding in order to meet the demand for HSE management at our construction sites throughout the Arabian Gulf Region. The department is essential for the success of our operations maintaining the corporate image of a company dedicated to its employees and to the quality of the product delivered. People are considered the “most valuable resource” therefore Swissboring provides training and development to all levels of personnel in order to enhance HSE skills and awareness.

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